LegStar for Mule


LegStar has a module, also known as Legs4Mule, designed for Mule ESB. This module is offered under the same Open Source license or Commercial license as LegStar.

LegStar for Mule ESB

  • LegStar for Mule ESB comes with an Eclipse-based plugin that generates artifacts ready to deploy in an instance of Mule ESB
  • The LegStar artifacts include Mule ESB Transformers that transform Mule message payloads, either XML or Java, to mainframe payloads
  • LegStar for Mule also comes with new Mule Transports that provide RPC mechanisms to invoke IBM CICS programs. These RPC transports are available for:
    • TCP/IP Sockets
    • HTTP
    • WebSphere MQ
  • With the LegStar Transformers and Transports, you can include complex interactions with a mainframe in a Mule ESB flow
  • You can learn more about LegStar for Mule ESB from the LegStar for Mule ESB site