LegStar is a set of tools and runtimes for mainframe integration. It is extremely modular and offers a choice of either an Open Source license or a Commercial license.

LegStar main features

  • LegStar offers tools to translate COBOL structures to XML schema and vice versa
  • LegStar provides code generators that produce fast java Transformers. These can be easily called from java and will transform:
    • Java objects to mainframe payloads and vice versa
    • XML to mainframe payloads and vice versa
    • JSON to mainframe payloads and vice versa
  • LegStar offers RPC mechanisms to invoke IBM CICS programs based on the following transports:
    • TCP/IP Sockets
    • HTTP
    • WebSphere MQ
  • LegStar also offers an RPC mechanism to allow CICS programs to invoke remote java code
  • LegStar offers generators that produce standard JAX-WS services to expose CICS programs as web services
  • You can learn more about LegStar from the LegStar main site

How to get it