These are the available on-Site training courses. They are meant for 1 to 5 participants and can be customized. If you would like to know more about our Training offering, please send us an email.

LegStar core features (1/2 day)

The target for this course are project leads and developers. The pre-requisites are Java basic programming skills and/or COBOL basic programming skills.


  • Installation
    • Installing the Development Tools (Eclipse, ANT)
    • Installing the runtime and using Maven
  • COBOL translation
    • Dealing with COBOL common types and structures
  • Tranformers
    • Generating Transformers
    • COBOL to XML and COBOL to JSON
    • Programming using Transformers

LegStar transport features (1/2 day)

The target for this course are Java architects and/or CICS/IMS System engineers.

Content (*):

  • CICS Sockets Transport
  • CICS HTTP Transport
  • Websphere MQ Transport
  • Using LegStar with IBM CICS CTG
  • Using LegStar with IBM IMS-Connect
  • JCA Connectors
  • Integration with Application Servers
    • JBoss
    • WebSphere
    • Glassfish

For each transport, we cover:

  • Installation and configuration options
  • Performances
  • Security
(*) All transports are described but only transports that are relevant to the target audience are completely covered.

LegStar advanced features (1/2 day)

COBOL translation

Dealing with COBOL complex types and structures
  • XSLT capabilities
  • Dates

LegStar specialized features (1/2 day)

  • LegStar for JBoss ESB
  • LegStar for Mule
  • LegStar for Pentaho Data Integration
  • LegStar for Talend