Custom developments


LegStar can be extended in several ways. We can help deliver a high quality solution to your mainframe integration problems. If you would like to know more about our Custom development offering, please send us an email.

Examples of custom developments

  • Automated conversion from IBM Rational Tools formats to LegStar formats
  • Screen-based integration using CICS 3270 Bridge or CICS FEPI
  • Integration with IMS OTMA
  • Transports over IBM SNA protocols: LU0, LU 6.2
  • RACF security integration using Passtickets
  • RACF security integration with LDAP

Flexible methodology

Like most companies deeply involved in Open Source Software we pay a great deal of attention to code quality:

  • We borrow from Agile technologies the concept of short iterations with well-defined deliverables and test driven developments.
  • For each delivery, we provide Maven reports:
    • Test coverage which shows how much of the code is actually covered by unit tests
    • Findbugs reports that identify common java programming issues
    • PMD/CMD reports which reveal if DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principles have been followed